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Outdoor Classrooms

As a child, I remember my mother saying “Go outside!” and the slap of the screen door closing as we ran out to the wonders of our backyard. This is where we met our friends, built forts, made fairy castles and tried to dig to the other side of the earth.

One of the many benefits of St. Mark’s full day program is expanded periods of time to extend learning into the outdoor classroom. We are blessed with a wonderful, open playground that includes a large sand pile, swings and large, open areas of grass for children to run and play games. Our playground is lined with beautiful trees and enriched with gardens and materials designed to promote discovery and wonder. We believe that going outside is an integral part of your child’s day. Teachers extend activities to include outdoor discovery, but more importantly, children are given the time and space to play with their friends, manipulate materials and make their own discoveries.

Taking from the Waldkindergarten philosophy, we believe that “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.!” Research shows that children who regularly spend time outdoors, wearing proper attire, stay healthier than children who are kept indoors during inclement weather.  We will go outside, every day, no matter the weather. Children are asked to bring appropriate gear for the weather that day. As a year-round program, we only close when weather is truly severe and eagerly anticipate days spent playing in the snow, stomping in puddles and chasing rainbows.

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