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For Over Fifty Years, Charlottesville Families Have Trusted St. Mark Lutheran Preschool To Provide Quality Early Childhood Education In A Safe, Loving Environment. 

In our classrooms, we encourage students to collaborate and develop meaningful relationships. We believe that we operate best as a school community. All of our community members bring a valuable and necessary set of skills and diverse perspectives to the table, and we listen to and consider the views of all members.

We foster independence by intentionally setting all of our rooms up to be as accessible as possible for the children. By showcasing the successes, processes and projects for the students to reference, we create an environment that truly belongs to the children. We encourage students to become responsible classroom community members who take pride in the care of their room.

We value our connection with nature and the world around us. We believe that nature is a master teacher, and we prioritize outdoor time for play, inquiry, art, and development. 

Our educators encourage, support, and celebrate our children. We believe that our role is to observe and listen to the interests of the children. Our educators provide our children with opportunities to inquire and research their surroundings to find answers. The SMLP teaching team believes that learning is not something we do to children, but something that evolves naturally from authentic, engaging project work that develops from the children’s natural curiosities and interests.

    We invite you to contact our director, Katie Plumb, and make an appointment to learn more about St. Mark Lutheran Preschool’s approach and community.

    100 Alderman Road, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

    (434) 293 – 0792

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