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Young Investigators Program

Starting at three and a half years of age until your child is ready to transition to Kindergarten

Three Young Investigators classrooms support our preschool-aged children as they prepare to transition to elementary school. We like to say that we “Lay the Foundation” for the house that elementary school will build.

We focus on foundational social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and literacy skills that we target through play and project based work. Each classroom is free to explore topics that interest them, answer questions that relate to their experiences, and solve problems through project that they imagine, plan and construct.

While we incorporate academics as the children show interest, you will never see a worksheet come home or see any documentation on how many letters your child can identify. We focus on supporting students to become the best versions of themselves – kind, resilient, confident and key co-contributors in their school experience. And we do all of this through PLAY!

Our Young Investigator rooms spend 3-4 hours outside each day, as we believe in the power of nature as a guiding force for learning. On any given day you will see classrooms completing projects and explorations outside.

100 Alderman Road, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

(434) 293 – 0792

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